These 8 Instagram Accounts Will Enrich Your Life

With Instagram now boasting 500 million monthly users, it can be hard to find the original and inspiring content amidst an abundance of latte art, food porn and feet on the beach. Trust us there is a lot of weird shit out there.  So we’ve done the hard work for you and offer an antidote to the mundane and cliched. Here are 8 Instagram accounts that we love, and we hope you do too.

Midnight Rain #CounterClimate #collab

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We interviewed this artist
a while back about her controversial performance piece American Reflexxx which saw her subjected to physical and verbal transphobic abuse while walking South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach. Obessed with cyber rainbow colours, Pearce’s neon bathed Instagram feed is every bit as strange, provocative and compelling as her art.

Before the eclipse there was the alpenglow. Sleeping at 9800 feet for it. A photo posted by Molly Steele (@moristeele) on

Molly Steele is an LA based photographer train hopping her way across America and documenting it all on Instagram. Her sun-soaked feed, with images of mountains, woodlands and winding roads explores the romantic side of life as a wayward vagrant.

Everyone freed as you are freed. Nothing held back any longer ever again. @jordantinling

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The creation of LA natives Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones, this mildly NSFW account which aims to normalize female nudity posts photos of everyday objects that look like vaginas. As the statement on their account reads, “almost nothing is not a pussy.”

  A photo posted by Kalen Hollomon (@kalen_hollomon) on

American artist Kalen Holloman brilliantly uses mixed media to challenge our perceptions of fashion, gender, celebrity culture and capitalism. His unique blend of the playful, rebellious and thought-provoking has earned him almost 100,000 Instagram followers. “I like absurdity and to question capitalism,” he told us when we spoke to him back in January. “As well as the difference or non-difference between poor people and rich people.”

Martin Bruno, from Le Monde d’Hermès. Follow -> @martinbrunophoto A photo posted by Of the Afternoon (@oftheafternoon) on

Magazine and online platform Of The Afternoon offers a beautifully curated Instagram feed full of visual inspiration and calming scenery. Their brilliance lies in strict lines, clean hues and endless eye candy. 

Adrienne Raquel is a 25-year-old creative based in New York. “Bright, colourful and bursting with life,” she draws a lot of inspiration from sub-tropical environments. We love it.

Au revoir, vous allez me manquer, à bientôt. A photo posted by Katrin Koenning (@k_koenning) on

There is something unqiuely pleasing about the work of Katrin Koenning, a US based photographer, she comes recommended by none other than legendary Alec Soth.


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English artist Maisie Cousins explores sexuality and the female body in her uniquely playful Instagram feed packed with close-up photos of petals and skin. When we interviewed her she told us, “I’m interested in being human and all the delicious and gross things that come along with it.”