Chloë Sevigny’s Surreal Short Now Has A Trailer

America’s favourite art house queen, Chloë Sevigny, finally gets behind the lens as she releases the trailer for her first short film, Kitty. Based on Paul Bowles’ 1980 short story of the same name, Kitty is about a young girl (Edie Yvonne) who morphs into a cat.

The short film was announced earlier in the year, with filming being completed within four days in January and having its international premiere at Cannes in May. She said in April before the screening that, “I chose the story because it had an element of magical realism to it that is something that I always have enjoyed watching, as a viewer, in films.” Taking a much deserved back seat, Chloë will not appear in the film, rather relying on young Edie Yvonne, and famed actresses Ione Skye and Lee Meriwether to fill our screens for the fifteen minutes.

“I wanted to do kind of a throwback to kind of those eighties films where they had an element of practical effects and makeup and stuff,” Chloë went on to say. Also behind the camera is cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, best known for his work on 2007’s Atonement.

The ethereal twenty second teaser for Kitty, which was unveiled on her Instagram account on Bank Holiday Monday, makes no effort to hide Edie’s feline transformation. Though the story will not be a complete surprise, we are still excited to see how well Chloë and the rest of her team pulls it off.