We Transfer Help Launch Education Revolution With Underground University

Data service We Transfer have taken the bold step in partnering on a new type of education system this year entitled The University of the Underground. Billed as ‘the first university based in the underground’ and seen as a response to the education systems rising costs in tuition fees, We Transfer have teamed with the university of the underground, the sandberg instituut and their distinguished cultural, tech and business individuals to bolster their advisory board.
Their roll call reads like a whose who of the industries and it includes British Film Institute’s Head of Programme, Stuart Brown, superstar author Dave Eggers, creative director of XL Recordings, Phil Lee, VP of design at AIRBNB, Alex Schleifer and many more.

Their mission statement is certainly ambitious to say the least and reads: “The University of the Underground is lead by a multidisciplinary team of ‘dreamers of the day’, who believe that a positive inspiration and disturbance to the current cultural and educative system is required to best support the young generations in their creative and political endeavours..”

The eight work short course will allow students an immersion into unorthodox areas including, architecture, systems thinking, critical design, sociology, philosophy, music and film promoting a “collage of references, interdisciplinary practices and experimentations.”  Students will be subsidized by an 80/20 model, meaning that 80% of your fees will be paid for by philanthropy and the rest in grants. Founder of the program, WeTransfer’s Chief of Experiences Nelly Ben Hayoun urged, We don’t just believe in this new generation, but we also want to support the next one and the one after – we are committed to hundreds more years of education.

The University of the Underground. will open its doors on the 1st of October, 2017.