Weekly Roundup: The Best of Pop Culture X Science

Here’s our round up from the world of pop culture, science and almost everything in between.

Ξ This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on the menacing human parasite T.gondii. Now it potentially could be the source of Intermittent Explosive Disorder ,basically spontaneous rage.

Ξ Here’s a fun video from 1984 which shows how it was to send an email.

Ξ If you’re heading to Dubai make sure you pop into Lisa Leone’s exhibition chronicling the early days of hip-hop.

Ξ If you want to see an incredible time-lapse video of a garden spider in its absolute element, check this out:

Ξ Holograms are picking up serious steam right now. Watch this nifty demo of neuroscientist Meron Gribetz toying with augmented reality. He even shows one of our former alumni at play, Adam Gazzaley.

Ξ A newly discovered butterfly has found to have natural antifreeze in it. It’s Alaskan and its called the Oeneis tanana. 

Ξ And lastly, Microsoft AI’s chatbot reportedly sent out some seriously racist tweets and then deleted them.