Weekly Roundup: The Best of Pop Culture X Science

Here’s our round up of interesting stories from around the world this week. Enjoy.


Somehow a 10 year-old Finnish boy managed to give some security tips to Instagram’s best engineers. So much so that the company subsequently awarded him £7000.


Bitcoin Founder Conspiracy

Last week an Australian man by the name of Craig Wright claimed to be the original founder of BitCoin. He has since retracted that claim, leaving a bit-coin vacuum.



News that just ten minutes of intense exercise can replace all the health benefits of an hour of medicore exercise comes as no surprise. Enjoy those ten minutes.



Medical Negligence

If we were to integrate medical errors into biggest causes of death in the US, it would be listed number three.


Get Lucky

You can touch, feel and even own your very own Pharell Williams now. He can be bought for a cool £160.


Forget Occupy Wall Street

The latest science says that first-class causes major irritation and anger amongst economy class plane passengers.


“I should like to draw a line from the ‘E’ in Acre to the last ‘K’ in Kirkuk.”

Over 100 years on, the Sykes-Picot agreement still haunts the troubled area and has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.