Weekly Roundup: The Best of Pop Culture X Science

This week, amongst all the incredible news from around the world, we take a moment to pause and pay respect to a true inspiration, the ultimate chameleon of music, Prince. We also take a look at alien dolphins, the return of Bladerunner and the next hipster stampede.

Genetics and your virginity
Now genetics might be able to tell us when and where your cherry will pop. Losing your virginity just got that much predictable.

Stars on the seafloor
The answer is in the ocean floor. Deep down on the sea bed, new studies show us where our exploding stars came from and potentially how it changed the earth’s climate.


Dolphins phone home
We all know dolphins are intelligent creatures, now they tell us they have the potential to communicate with aliens. Studying their clicks and whistles could help decipher what’s actually going on out there.


Hipster stampede can be detected
Now apps like Foursquare and Yelp can enable us find out when gentrification will kick off next.


Bladerunner will get a sequel
Next year the sci-fi thriller will finally return to our big screens.  Harrison Ford will returnd joined by Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright. October 6th to be precise.


Prince plays his last tune.
And finally, this week the purple king of pop, Prince passes away. A true creative genius. Even if he did believe that 144,000 people were waiting for him in heaven.