Weekly Roundup: The Best of Pop Culture X Science

In this week’s round up of our favourite stories: the surprising new findings in Alzheimer’s research, a super-fast underwater internet highway, and the race bias of crime-prediction technology.
And if all of that sounds like too much for you, we’ve also included a list of idyllic island escapes.

Impossible in Print

Actress and model Lily Cole just launched the first print edition of her socially conscious “agenda driven” magazine Impossible. Both a celebration of art and fashion and a call for kindness and “everyday activism.”

8 Islands of Pure Paradise 

We wouldn’t mind getting marooned on any of these desert islands.

Trees Rest Their Branches While ‘Asleep’

Scientists in Hungary have observed Birch trees resting their branches in the night. It’s the first time trees have been shown to undergo physical changes likened to sleep.

Facebook and Microsoft’s Underwater Internet Highway

The two giant tech companies announced this week that they will be creating an undersea cable from the U.S east coast to Spain in an effort to increase connectivity speed. No more throttling!

The Chinese Were Brewing Beer 5,000 Years Ago

Human’s love for beer goes back even further than we thought, with a paper published this week that describes how archaeologists have found evidence of beer being brewed in China as early as 3,400 BC.

Software Used To Predict Future Criminals Is Racist 

For years technology has been used to predict the likelihood of convicted criminals re-offending. Now it turns out to be biased against black people.

Has The Lost Tomb Of Aristotle Finally Been Discovered?

Greek archaeologists believe they may have found the burial site of the legendary philosopher who died in 322 BC.

Alzheimer’s Possibly Related to Infection

New research from a team at Harvard University suggests that the Alzheimer’s disease could be a result of the brain’s attempt to fight off infection.

Politicians To Combat Online Abuse Of Women

A team led by Labour’s Yvette Cooper and made up of politicans from all major UK parties is calling for a national campaign against online misogyny. Facebook, while acknowledging the importance of the issue has refused to censor posts attacking gender.

Drake x Nardwuar

If you have a spare hour. Watch this great interview with two legends. Drake hardly does interviews so this is a real gem.