Tomás Saraceno
The Profound Wisdom of Spiders

To witness a Tomás Saraceno exhibition is to truly understand the value that art can have in awakening your senses. Words used to describe his work include ethereal, profound, and brave. One well-known gallery owner even went as far as saying he was "the artist most likely to change the world."

But setting hyperboles aside, Tomás is simply someone who wants to relay a very important message to us. Employing techniques such as installation, sculpture, and photography, he carries an urgent message from the world of the arachnids – which is if we don’t learn about our humble place in the universe, we face a highly untenable situation as a species.

Saraceno transcends mere spectacle, using his work as a powerful instrument to inspire, educate, and influence. His relentless pursuit has led him into a partnership with the mysterious, at times otherworldly, and ancient species—the spider—revealing profound insights about our delicate place within the cosmos. It would be an understatement to emphasise just how much he shares a love for these odd, otherworldly creatures.

If you haven’t yet experienced one of Saraceno’s expansive exhibitions, you are truly missing out. During our chat, Tomás delves into his new science developed around spiders, his experiences with Ayahuasca, his childhood reflections, and thoughts on ChatGPT and technology, and passionately discusses why our perception of the green economy is fundamentally flawed.

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