Gary Taubes
Are Our Modern Diets Killing Us?

How did we become so incredibly unhealthy? How did obesity and diabetes become some of the most prevalent diseases of our civilisation? It is now estimated that cases of autoimmune diseases are rising between 3% and 9% a year because of our westernised diet.

As soon as the western diet started leeching off white flour and sugar, people across the world became inordinately unhealthy as a consequence.

How should we then, in 2022, think about health? Science journalist Gary Taubes has been reporting on the inadequacies of the nutrition science industry for decades. A bestselling author behind the recently rereleased The Case For Keto and The Case Against Sugar. Rather than take the word of science at face value, he tends to see nutrition and health science being littered with methodological sinkholes.

For decades his hunch behind the causes of obesity has attracted the intense ire of the scientific community. But the nutrition and health community can at least agree on one thing with Gary; sugar has captivated us for all the wrong reasons. It has become the cornerstone of our deterioration.

At the dawn of the new year, this being the first interview for 52 Insights, it is fitting to look at our health and what we put into our bodies.
In this fascinating discussion with Gary, he reveals the mechanisms that lie behind the food industrial complex, how it shaped the way we eat and think and its many attached conspiracies that go with it.

Ultimately many of us face a myriad of chronic illnesses if we don’t change our behaviour and Gary gives us a glimpse of what we can do to fix this. Gary says the most important thing is not what about you put in your body but getting your thought environment right.

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