Yascha Mounk
What Do We Want The 21st Century to Look Like?

Every major democracy in the world is experiencing some kind of teething problems. From rising inflation to some profound soul searching in a post-pandemic world, issues that are interconnected that look increasingly intractable.

But all of these challenges are what make democracy such an exciting project to live in – it’s ours alone to craft. Within this tug of war, new ideas and concepts arise. Enter renowned American-German political scientist Yascha Mounk, a passionate defender of the liberal order; his work documents the bitter challenges we face as citizens of our democracies but also the enormous opportunities we inherit if we pull together. In his latest work, The Great Experiment, he has put together a rallying thesis outlining a bold vision, one that requires a macro overview; he is ‘pessimistic about our political discourse, and anxious about a civil war of the elites, but insists that progress in the heart of society are reasonably good.’

An Associate Professor of International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C., a contributing editor at The Atlantic, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and the founder of Persuasion. Mounk is Someone who can distil even the most complex of problems we face in a straightforward fashion.
As Yascha and I get into the weeds of these problems, Russia makes a renewed advance into Ukraine, aiming to disrupt the calm we have all fought to preserve.

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The Great Experiment by Yascha Mounk is out now through Penguin.