Pete Myers
The Coverup Of The Century

It is one of the most important health issues of our time, interconnected to almost everything in our system, yet hardly anyone is aware that it is happening.

A subset of chemicals so insidious that they have penetrated everybody on earth, called PFAS, more commonly known as forever chemicals. How did they get there, and why are they so persistent? That is the focal point of today’s crucially important interview with Pete Myers, the founder of Environment Health Sciences.

He has dedicated his life to unravelling answers to these critical questions, often facing resistance from powerful corporate interests. Coming away from this interview, one can’t shake the feeling that it resembles content often associated with the fringes of the internet, linked to terms like the “dark state” or conspiracy theory threads. However, the reality is far from fiction. This is a global health issue that is affecting every one of us. From sperm rates declining at a catastrophic speed, causing a significant decline in fertility, to an acceleration in fatal chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

We wanted a modern, hygienic, and comfortable system. We got one, but it has brought a flood of chemicals into our marketplace—in fact, 350,000 of them. Only a handful of those chemicals have undergone substantial toxicity testing, which should alarm any government. There is an alarming silence surrounding this issue. Listen to this interview to get an inside view of how this health crisis emerged and what we can do to minimize our exposure to these harmful elements.

Dark Water Trailer – 2019:

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