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I don’t have to tell you how hard the media business has become.

In the last few years, consolidation, quality of content, attention spans and social media have created an almost impossible environment for the world of independent, thoughtful content. While it’s always awkward to ask people for money I see no other way at the moment other than to run a pledge. This is about continuing to create authentic, valuable insights in a world where we have become increasingly deaf to the spirit of intellect and critical thinking.
Why is this important?

I started this magazine four years ago as a way to challenge and pass on what I see in the world. Every sector from politics to technology is going through some kind of turbulence, and I wanted to document that with penetrative observations about the world. Week after week we meet extraordinary people from all over the world doing amazing things.

I believe that small independent magazines like mine can help people change the way we see the world and act as an alternative to the big boys such as the New York Times or The Guardian.
We love what we do because 52 Insights gets incredible feedback week after week. With your donation, I hope I can continue to challenge the status quo, interview incredible individuals from around the world and most importantly allow us to have diverse thought in today’s polarised world.
It’s all the more apparent now that publications need to rely on its passionate readers for support instead of the smoke and mirrors armchair economists tell you about such as investors, display ads or diversifying its content creation, i.e. podcasts and video which costs a fortune to do etc.

Apart from delivering one cover feature a week, we run events, syndicate our content across the world, work with great brands and have just started to video and want to continue to find a global audience.

Over the past four years, our traffic has remained more or less the same (250,000 visitors a year). Our server costs have stayed more or less the same (£500ish per month). However, our price per 1000 page views and volume of ads per month has dwindled. We are not interested in click-bait content or attracting fleeting readers which has been advised, there is already enough of that in the world. Our interviews have inspired and elevated the public discourse not deflated it, and we hope to continue that.

Thanks in advance,
Ari Stein

Editor and founder