Manoj Bhargava – Billionaire Monk & Philanthrophist

If you come up with something cool that’s not useful, we don’t do it. I have no interest in being cool, I actually am never going to be cool.

5-Hour ENERGY Drink CEO and “never-going-to-be-cool” humanitarian, Manoj Bhargava, has turned his focus away from jacking up the public with his high-caffeine energy drinks and has now turned his attention towards solving fundamental world issues.

Far from giving away his fortunes blindly, Manoj, who spent 12 years living as a monk in an ashram, has vowed to inject his vast wealth into directly supplying electricity, water and healthcare to the millions worldwide who needlessly go without. This requires researching for long-term solutions, rather than supporting established causes offering aid. Manoj, already a committed member to Bill Gates’ The Giving Pledge, has set-up Knowledge Medical Charitable Trust and The Rural India Charitable Trust. His practical approach to finding solutions will hopefully become evident as the projects take off. Manoj’s infectious enthusiasm and simply-can-do attitude has struck a chord with people worldwide. However, critics question this new wave of innovation and social conscience, as some engineers have concerns over the feasibility of Manoj’s inventions so far. All that being said, Manoj has the potential to make great change, and so far has stayed true to his word.

Manoj’s documentary, Billions in Change, can be viewed here: